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CNC Studio Life

Nidra bought one of the first CNC Studio machines. Dragan Pajic, Managing Director of Nidra, describes where and how the machine is used and his experience with the machine.


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Welcome to the Profiler community

If you’re new to our community, we’d like to congratulate you on your purchase of the Profiler. We hope that you will enjoy working with it just as much as the many other enthusiastic Profiler users.

This page is where you can find what you need to know for assembling the Profiler and activating the software. There are also several downloads and links that can help you get the most out of your Profiler and maximise your return on investment. You should visit this page regularly. In addition to regular updates for the software that you use, this is where news related to the Profiler is announced.

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If you purchased your Profiler after 20 March 2009 click here, because the information below does not apply to your machine.

Activating the included software

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To make the best use of the software included with the machine, you need to activate it. If the software is installed on a PC with Internet access, this is very easy. You only have to enter two numbers; everything else is automatic. If you have any problems with the procedure described here, please consult the user manual. The process is explained very clearly there.

How to activate your software

Install the software and start it. You will see that the program is running in demo mode. At the far right end of the menu bar at the top of the screen, click "Activate License”. You will see the form shown below.


Your order number (example: OR 2138) and your customer number (example: 000720) are shown on all official papers you received with your Profiler. You need these two numbers to activate the software. Enter your order number in the first box and your customer number in the second box. The license identification code is entered automatically. If your computer has Internet access, all you have to do now is to click the “Send E-mail” button. If your PC does not have Internet access, you must inform us of these three numbers by fax or phone. In either case, we will send you the activation code promptly.

After you receive your activation code, enter it in the “Enter License Activation Code” box, and enter the name of the license holder in the box below. Then click the “Accept” button to activate the software.

Need help?

If you need help with activating the software or assembling your Profiler, please contact Colinbus Support. For relatively simple problems, the best approach is to send us an e-mail, but if the problem is difficult to explain in an e-mail message, you can contact us by phone. You will always be asked to supply your customer number and order number, so be sure to have them ready. Our customer support e-mail address is If you wish to request an activation code by e-mail, send your e-mail to

Useful download links for the Profiler

If you purchased your Profiler after 20 March 2009 click here, because the information below does not apply to your machine.
  1. Assembly instructions and parts list
    1. Parts list
    2. Mechanical assembly instructions
    3. Electronics assembly instructions
  2. Technical documentation
    1. Command language capsule guide
    2. Command language full description
  3. Software
    1. ColiDrive version (control software)
    2. ColiLiner version (PCB CAM software)
    3. ColiCAM version (professional but affordable CAM package)
  4. Software user manuals
    1. ColiDrive Manual (English)
    2. ColiLiner Manual (English)
    3. ColiCAM Manual (English)
    4. ColiDrive Manual (French)
    5. ColiLiner Manual (French)
    6. ColiCAM Manual (French)
  5. Miscellaneous links
    1. Profiler accessories